ShopNEXT Mascot Introduction

Hi MOONers,

You all know that Moon related stories always mean something to us. We named our VIP members MOONers. We set our MOON level requirement to 3844 NEXT (1/100 of the distance from our Earth to the Moon) and when we choose an animal for a mascot, we pick a dog as Laika, the first animal to travel to space, was a dog ;). And we name our mascot Luna; in ancient Roman religion and myth, Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon.

But why do we need a mascot?

When you hear the word ‘Disney,’ what comes to mind? Maybe you think of the Sleeping Beauty castle or one of the animated movies you watched as a kid. Or maybe – most likely! – you think of a mouse in a pair of red shorts and yellow shoes. Anyone who sees Mickey Mouse will immediately think of Disney, and this is because, as the mascot, Mickey lends the Disney brand a personality, making it stand out from the multitude of brands competing against each other.

Crypto is built around the community and for the community. And a mascot is needed to grow and strengthen our identity. We want one day, our mascot will be very popular so that people will recognize ShopNEXT by just seeing Luna.

What can we do with Luna?

We will soon issue a sticker set for Luna in our telegram groups so that the community members can express their feelings in a ShopNEXT way ;). And more than that, we will issue the exclusive NFT for the very first MOONers, inspired by Luna. The limited NFTs are to show our gratitude to the early supporters. Besides rarity, we will gradually add some exclusive utility to the MOONer NFT in the future; to make it stand out from traditional MOONers. Now you know it, you should join MOON level as soon as you can 😉

An exciting time is ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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