ShopNEXT joins Vietnam eCommerce Association

ShopNEXT, a shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform, becomes an official member of the Vietnam eCommerce Association (VECOM). This marks a significant milestone for ShopNEXT as we always consider Vietnam as a key foundation to expand globally.

eCommerce prospect in Vietnam

eCommerce revenue in Vietnam hit 11.8 billion USD last year, posting a growth rate of 18 percent, the fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia. The demand for online purchases through e-commerce platforms has increased sharply since the outbreak of the pandemic. It is expected to continue to grow even after the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled.

Up to now, more than 70 percent of Vietnam’s population have accessed the Internet, of which nearly 50 percent of consumers have experienced online shopping and 53 percent of them have used e-wallets and online payment.

More benefit to Vietnamese eCommerce users

ShopNEXT is building the first-ever shop-to-earn mode that offers dual rewards mechanism: cashback and NEXT, the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT. This lucrative reward model will create lots of earning opportunities for 46 million Vietnam eCommerce users through their daily shopping. 

Joining VECOM will help ShopNEXT to leverage the existing resources and networks from VECOM to get more awareness in the Vietnam market.

Speaking on the event, Linh Le, ShopNEXT CEO expressed:

“We are very happy to be an official member of VECOM. This joining proves our commitment and vision in the Vietnam market. We believe the Shop-To-Earn model will bring lots of opportunities not only for Vietnam eCommerce users but also for partnered merchants in the future”

Mr. Dung Nguyen, Chairman of Vietnam eCommerce Association also comments on the event:

“eCommerce and crypto are booming businesses in the recent years and coming future. ShopNEXT is building a bridge between these two worlds and offering many benefits for shoppers in Vietnam. VECOM is impressed by the vision of the ShopNEXT team and will support them to expand their networks and awareness within the country”

Joining VECOM is an important step for ShopNEXT to dominate the Vietnamese market. We are expecting to grow our user base quickly in this country before expanding into the neighboring ones.

More exciting news is coming soon; stay tuned for future announcements!

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