ShopNEXT Community Report – Nov 2023

Hi ShopNEXT community,

Key business figures

  • Current MOONers: 42
  • Current NEXT locked: 457,172
  • Total tokens collected in Nov: 900 STE and 45 NEXT
  • Total STE rewarded (including processing transactions) till Nov 30: 73,929
  • EPR value in USD (including processing transactions) till Nov 30: 5938
  • Total STE of earning balances in app: 53,485
  • Total STE of spot balances in app: 6238
  • STE redeem to voucher: 0

Mobile app

ShopNEXT released v2.4.0 last month. There is a great improvement in the Web3 connection, which helps users connect with personal wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet better. Besides, through user reporting, we identified some bugs in transaction generation and are working to fix them as soon as possible.


Currently, there are 42 users having MOON status, who have locked a total of 457,172 NEXT. For newcomers who may not be aware, MOONers are our VIP members who can earn the most benefits from our ecosystem. Users must lock $300 in NEXT to upgrade their MOON membership and use NFT cards to boost token earnings.

From our in-app gameplay, we collected 900 STE via boosting, recharging, redeeming and marketplace trading and mini game fee. We collected 45 NEXT from in-app gameplay and part of NFT marketplace trading fee; this NEXT amount will be burned once we collected a substantial amount. 

ShopNEXT will mint more STEs to make sure our Operation Wallet ( will be equal to the total amount of STE in spot and earning balances.

The operation wallet balance: 

  • Current balance: 56,525 STE
  • New balance: 59,723 STE (Minting 3,198 STE) 

New STE total supply: 557,579


ShopNEXT is the first to introduce an External Profit Reserve (EPR) to capture external profit from our business and back STE tokens rewarded for shopping. Here is the data up to Nov 30th.

  • Total STE rewarded for shopping (including processing transactions): 73,929 STE
  • EPR value (including processing transactions): 5,938 USD

What next?

  • Building more mini-games.
Our journey has just started, and we’re so excited to see people onboarding Web3 via shopping!πŸš€

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ShopNEXT is an innovative Web3 app that helps you make money as you shop. With just a single app, you can shop and earn token rewards up to 30% from thousands of merchants worldwide, whether online or offline. ShopNEXT is empowered by partnerships with Visa, Google Cloud and Binance Pay. For more news and the latest updates about ShopNEXT, please visit our Website – Discord – Telegram – Twitter – Facebook or email to

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