Yay! 35,000 mobile app users

Our mobile app was beta-released on 26 November 2021 and within two weeks we have achieved a great milestone: 35,000 apps downloaded totally from both Apple Store and Google Play.  

Demand for Shop-To-Earn is everywhere

In just about two weeks, we have 35,000 apps downloaded from people in 73 countries and territories. The total transaction value in that period is about $800,000. We would have never expected such reception from people around the world, even though our mobile app is still in beta and many global brands have not been integrated yet. It would not be so long to see millions of downloads once we release the mobile app officially and expand our ecosystem to other countries.

Top 12 Appstore download in shopping category in Vietnam

12/12 is the biggest sale event of the year in Viet Nam and, within this event, ShopNEXT mobile app was proudly in the Top 12 downloads in the Shopping category, competing fairly with other traditional eCommerce giants, who spend millions of dollars in marketing and user acquisition. 

The ShopNEXT team believes the word of mouth and referral programs are the most effective way to promote our project. Once users earn the profit continuously from ShopNEXT, they will have more confidence and start to share ShopNEXT with their friends to earn a lucrative referral bonus (up to 20% lifetime). Those who shop frequently will definitely become our fan once they come to know about us!

What comes NEXT?

We’ll prioritize the media budget for Vietnam to reach 50,000 monthly active users (estimated in about three months) before growing users at five other South-East Asian markets. Once our monthly active users can reach 200,000 in SEA (estimated in about six months), we’ll roll out the expansion plan to Japan, Korea, and other markets around the world.

The early statistics give us confidence about growing our mobile app to millions of active users, which will make ShopNEXT one of the most active crypto DApp on Binance Smart Chain as well as the whole crypto space.

More exciting news is coming soon; stay tuned for future announcements!

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