Community Airdrop Winner Announcement

Hey MOONers, thank you very much for joining our first community airdrop campaign. We have received submissions from many of you around the world. The majority are from Vietnam, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine, Japan. Even though many of them are not eligible for the airdrop, the whole team still appreciates your effort very much.

After carefully checking the submissions and filtering out invalid ones, we have lucky-drawn a list of 1000 winners who will receive an airdrop of 1000 NEXT from us. Please check the final list here

The airdrop tokens will be distributed directly to winners’ mobile apps after this announcement. Please check your app carefully if you are among the lucky ones. Feel free to share a screenshot of your mobile app with the airdrop tokens to our Telegram community 😉

Once again, thank you for your participation, and see you in the coming community campaigns. For the winners, we hope to see you guys at the MOON level 🙂

ShopNEXT team.

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