Ready for the MOON mission

July 20, 1969, marked a historical moment for our mankind; Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the Moon. It took Armstrong and his crew more than four days to conquer the 384,400 km distance between the earth and the moon. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The famous quote indicates the importance of that achievement.

We, the people at the ShopNEXT team, are fully inspired by the Moon mission. That explains why we name our VIP level: MOON. 

What is the MOON level?

MOON is the exclusive membership tier in the ShopNEXT ecosystem.  Compared to normal users, MOONers have so many irresistible benefits.

Normal membersMOONers
Cashback rewardYesYes – 20% more
NEXT rewardYesYes- 5X more
Exclusive dealsNoYes
Lifetime referral bonus10%20%

How to join the MOON level?

Going to the Moon is like an impossible mission but to become ShopNEXT’s MOONers is much easier: you only need to lock 3844 NEXT in your MetaMask wallet. Why 3884? It is 1/100 the distance from our earth to the moon 🙂 Please keep in mind that the locked tokens are still yours, you can unlock them at any time you want.

When can we go to the MOON?

Our mobile app was submitted to the app store today and normally it takes 1-2 days to get approved. In the meantime, let’s fasten the seatbelt and keep at least 3844 $NEXT ready in your wallet. We will inform you immediately once our mobile app is successfully upgraded.

You can buy $NEXT at:

See you in the MOON 🌕.

More exciting news are coming soon, stay tuned for future announcements!

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