ShopNEXT partners ACCESSTRADE to onboard 30M internet users in Vietnam

Today, ShopNEXT warmly announces the strategic partnership with ACCESSTRADE Vietnam. ACCESSTRADE is the largest CPA affiliate network in Japan & Southeast Asia. 


ACCESSTRADE is a platform that helps more than +1,500,000 publishers in VietNam make money online through the affiliate business model. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing based solely on efficiency, in which businesses (advertisers) only pay commissions to affiliate marketing network partners (publishers) on successful orders or conversions. 

Shopiness, ShopNEXT’s strategic partner, has successfully partnered with ACCESSTRADE through many activities in the eCommerce industry in the past. Now, ACCESSTRADE will continue its support to ShopNEXT to help Vietnam internet users onboard crypto easier.

What does this partnership mean for ShopNEXT and ACCESSTRADE Vietnam?

ShopNEXT is building the first-ever shop-to-earn model with a dual rewards mechanism. Onboarding millions of people into crypto through shopping is always ShopNEXT’s ultimate vision. ACCESSTRADE Vietnam possesses the largest publisher network in Vietnam (more than 1,500,000) and bringing more benefits to them is always the topmost priority for ACCESSTRADE.

ShopNEXT is introducing a very attractive referral program. Users can simply share the referral link and enjoy up to 20% lifetime bonus on both cashback and NEXT from successful orders of their friends. This program will bring massive income for ACCESSTRADE publishers and this is where ShopNEXT and ACCESSTRADE can collaborate.

Mr. Linh Le, ShopNEXT CEO, shared his view on the partnership:

“We want to build an onboarding platform to bring crypto to the masses and the partnership with ACCESSTRADE will hasten this process. Imagine every publisher can just bring one active user; this partnership can help to bring at least 1,5M active users to ShopNEXT. It is massive for a crypto Dapp to have such a huge number of active users.”

Mr. Hưng Do, ACCESSTRADE Vietnam CEO, also commented:

“ACCESSTRADE Vietnam has helped nearly 1000 ecommerce, fintech, … acquired millions users and growth orders and revenues year on year.  eCommerce and crypto are two attractive markets and ShopNEXT is building an ingenious way to connect both worlds. We believe that ShopNEXT’s referral program with dual rewards schemes is expected to bring lots of benefits for our publishers and Vietnam internet users in the long run.”

Onboarding millions of people into crypto is a huge task that needs support from both traditional and crypto projects. ShopNEXT will continue to expand our partnership network who can support us to fulfill the ultimate goal.

An exciting time is ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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