ShopNEXT Staking is live

Hi MOONers,

We can imagine how excited you are when reading this blog. Yes, ShopNEXT staking is around the corner. Stake your precious NEXT to earn NEXT now.

ShopNEXT Staking program

Staking program launching is an important step for ShopNEXT to reward community members who believe in our long-term vision. Not following the pool staking reward many projects are applied, ShopNEXT is offering a fixed APR staking model which lets you know exactly how much you will earn at the end of the staking cycle. APR in this context stands for Annual Percentage Rate. We have designed 4 staking packages at different duration so that users can select on their will. MOONer are able to earn up to 40% higher than traditional users. Details can be seen in below table:

Staking PlanFixed APR for Normal UsersFixed APR for MOONers
30 days5.7%8%
90 days9.0%12%
180 days11.0%14%

Staking features are familiar to you, right? Yeah, it works just like banks. You select how much you want to stake and how long you want to do it, then hooray, you are earning NEXT even while sleeping.


  • When staking is settled, NEXT interest will be sent directly to ShopNEXT app within 3 days from the staking expiration date
  • Once NEXT has been staked, you cannot redeem early
  • You can open as many staking packages at the same time as you like
  • To enjoy the interest rate of MOON members, you must maintain MOON membership during the staking period. Otherwise, you will get the interest of normal members.
  • Minimum amount to stake: 100 NEXT

Special extra bonus for MOONer stakers

Staking is cool, but to make it cooler, ShopNEXT will offer a generous weekly bonus to encourage every MOONer to stake. The logic is simple, the more MOONers stake, the more bonus MOONers can earn, besides the fixed APR. At 3 am UTC every Monday, ShopNEXT will calculate the real circulation supply (RCS), which is:

Real Circulation Supply = 1,000,000,000 - Total tokens of project owned wallets - Total tokens locked by MOOners.

We call this number real circulation supply as it represents the numbers of tokens that are not either locked or controlled by team wallets, i.e. these tokens can be traded at any time. Then we will divide the total staked tokens by RCS to get Bonus Ratio, which is used to determine the weekly bonus as table below.

Bonus RatioExtra Bonus for Stakers (NEXT)
0% to or equal  25%0
> 25% to or equal 50%20,000
> 50% to or equal 75%30,000
> 75% to or equal 100%50,000

The extra weekly bonus will be shared proportionally to MOONers who staked for the whole previous week only. If you stake in the middle of a particular week, you will not be able to earn a bonus for that week, you will have to wait till the week after to be eligible for the weekly bonus.


  • The extra bonus will be sent directly to the ShopNEXT app before 3am UTC Thursday every week
  • This bonus is only applicable for MOONer stakers
  • To enjoy the bonus, you must maintain a MOON membership during the staking period.

How to participate in the staking program?

During staking, your NEXT is still sitting in your Metamask wallet. Do not send them to the app to stake.

  • Step 1: Download the app at
  • Step 2: Go to tab Rewards and press NEXT Staking, Interest Earning
  • Step 3: Click Stake NEXT now and choose your desire packages
  • Step 4: Sign the transaction on your linked Metamask wallet

What is the NEXT token?

NEXT is a cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT, a membership reward point, like Shopee coin, Tiki Xu or Grab Rewards but developed on blockchain to make the system more secure and most importantly, exchangeable. Users can make money from selling NEXT on cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can earn NEXT by shopping through the ShopNEXT app via Shop-To-Earn model. To earn more NEXT while shopping, users can upgrade membership level to MOONers to earn 5X NEXT rewards compared to normal users.

If you want to learn more about NEXT, please read the tokenomics here. If you want to upgrade MOON level, please follow the step by step tutorials here.

An exciting time is still ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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