Monthly NEXT reward cap is coming! 

Hey MOONers,

We are glad that you are almost happy to shop and earn with ShopNEXT so far. The number speaks for itself! In January 2022, ShopNEXT had about 60,000 orders from around 11,000 purchase users. We are expecting these numbers to grow exponentially in the coming months once we onboard more global merchants and implement offline rewards.

Since the beginning of this project, we have mentioned that we want to build a dynamic tokenomics that can reflect the growth of our ecosystem timely. This means we will gradually adjust the token emission and reward scheme from time to time.

Today we would like to announce an update in the token emission policy. At the beginning, we let our users shop without a monthly cap to roughly understand their shopping behaviors. Till now, we know that averagely the amount of monthly NEXT rewards for a normal user and a MOONer is 4 NEXT and 125 NEXT respectively. So today we would like to announce the monthly cap for any ShopNEXT user is 500 NEXT, which is 4x higher than what an average MOONer can earn a month. The monthly cap was set high enough to continue to incentivize people to Shop-To-Earn and also to control the potential risks to misuse the platform. From our statistics, this cap will not affect 99.6% of our total current users. Once MOONers have hit the monthly cap, each new order will not be rewarded any NEXT. Please be informed that this cap is only applicable for NEXT not cashback, i.e. you will still earn unlimited cashback while shopping with us.

Most of ShopNEXT’s users are the end-users but there are also few resellers. Resellers are individuals who purchase goods to sell rather than consume or use them. Each partnered merchant will have its policies for resellers, and ShopNEXT wants to adhere to those policies to maintain our long-term relationship with strategic partners. Moreover, since our rewarding model is built to bring the most benefits for end-users through their daily shopping, resellers, as such, are not really our targeted customers. Thus resellers, who are using the ShopNEXT platform, should bear in mind that some orders will not be accepted by our merchants during reconciliation. For the end-users, rest assured that your shopping experience and reward will remain intact, keep shopping and introduce ShopNEXT to your friends to earn a referral bonus.

The monthly reward cap will take effect from 01 March 2022. In the future, we may introduce more policies to create a fair and appealing rewarding system for our community.

An exciting time is still ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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