ShopNEXT NFT give-away for earlier MOOners

Dear MOONers, 

Our mascot has been released for two weeks, and we are so happy that people love her a lot; we see Luna being used not just in our telegram groups. When we introduced Luna and ShopNEXT’s stickers, we teased that we would reward the early MOONers with a very special NFT. Now the time has come!

The race to the Moon

The Space Race was a 20th-century competition between two Cold War adversaries, the Soviet Union and the United States, to achieve superior spaceflight capability. Being the first to be on the MOON haunted the two biggest countries in the world at the time.

We all know that to become the MOONer users will have to lock 3844 NEXT in their wallet but you should not wait to go to MOON as every MOONer is different. Fortune favors the brave, ShopNEXT respects the early! The moment you join the MOON level matters. 

ShopNEXT NFT for the early MOONers

Until the end of this January, we will offer 1 NFT for every new MOONer. For the current MOONer, rest assured that you will also be given an NFT. The sooner you go to MOON, the more benefits you earn. We record the order of all the MOONers, and the NFT you receive will capture this ranking in the metadata. For future flash sales, gaming, or special events, the MOOner NFT will be used as a priority pass. And of course, the sooner you join MOON, the higher ranking you have. 

ShopNEXT will distribute the MOONer NFT for our users in Feb 2022 as a Lunar new year gift. We wish our current token holders will take this chance to upgrade the MOON level to earn the NFT. Please be aware that once the owner of the NFT is not a MOONer, all the utility and exclusive benefits included in the NFT will vanish. 😉

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