ShopNEXT Monthly Community Report – Jan 2022

Hey MOONers, 

January is normally a good and smooth month for crypto but this January  has brought us in so many emotions. Crypto investors were driving the roller coaster; the overall decrease of bitcoin price has pulled the whole market down. As a young project with a low market cap, NEXT token performance cannot be against the overall trending. We cannot control the market but in terms of development, our team had many activities in the past month. 

About product development 

On 7 Jan, we released the mobile app version 1.3.0, which included the update of the referral page, a new MOON page, and fixing of minor bugs. On the very last days of January, ShopNEXT released version 1.4.0 which includes the first in-app mini game “Guess Right, Win NEXT”. Total apps installed have crossed 66,000, increased 88% from 35,000 installed at the end of December last year. We have welcomed around 800 MOONers to join us at the end of January. Those lucky MOONers will each receive 1 special MOONer NFT (the exact list will be announced in the separate blog). 

About token performance

The NEXT price at the beginning of Jan was $0.09 and at the end of Jan was $0.06. It has risen to $0.15 in the first week of Jan but decreased shortly afterward together with the plummet of BTC. Our daily trading volume is about $300K on both and PancakeSwap. Trading was more active on compared to PancakeSwap lately. With the increase of app installs and active users, we are expecting to grow more MOONers in the coming months, which will lock more NEXT from circulating and increase the scarcity of the token on the market.

About partnerships

On 11th of January, ShopNEXT announced joining the Vietnam eCommerce Association. This participation is an important step for ShopNEXT to dominate the Vietnamese market, by leveraging resources and networks from VECOM. Besides, we finalized the collaboration with some partners both in the traditional and crypto world, which will be announced in coming months. Shopiness, the predecessor of ShopNEXT, was honored to receive the rewards from our partners Lazada and Shopee, 2 biggest eCommerce platforms in Vietnam at around the end of January. 

About community 

In January we organized many flash sales to engage the Vietnam community. People love it very much; all vouchers are sold within seconds. We also released the first in-app mini-game “Guess Right, Win NEXT” which has attracted thousands of people to participate. Besides Telegram communities, we have built 1 Facebook group in Vietnam for our shoppers and within a month, we grow the “Mua sắm, Kiếm tiền” group to more than 1000 members organically. We also announced Luna: The ShopNEXT’s mascot and the sticker collection this month. Our community members love Luna very much and use the mascot frequently in our telegram group. To facilitate the onboarding of new-to-crypto members, ShopNEXT also released a step-to-step tutorial collection to help users know how to upgrade MOON level from scratch. In January, we also announced the merging of Shopiness to ShopNEXT, the Shopiness users will start to migrate to ShopNEXT to continue earning rewards.

What to expect in the next month?

In February, ShopNEXT plans to release a big campaign with our strategic partners to continue to build up the awareness. We will also publish a list of users who will earn MOONer NFT. We also plan to announce some new strategic partnerships this month. A very special feature will also be released this month; our community will love it so let’s wait for the announcement from us.

An exciting time is ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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