ShopNEXT is coming

Are you aware of crypto? Are you interested in crypto? But do you feel that the crypto market is hard to enter? If all your answers are YES, ShopNEXT is the platform for you.

ShopNEXT is a crypto onboarding platform backed by Shopiness, the top cashback rewards platform in Vietnam, which currently has 600,000 users that generate $4M GMV & 1M transactions every month. With 5-year expertise in the cashback business, we believe rewarding people in crypto through their daily spending activities is the best way to motivate them onboard while also helping the brand partners to grow the business.

More than 80% of people in Asia are aware of crypto, but only a fraction of them own some crypto tokens. The possession motivation is not big enough to overcome difficulties such as opening an account & doing KYC on a crypto p2p exchange, learning how to execute a P2P trade, and finally understanding how to send crypto back to their crypto wallets.

ShopNEXT solves the crypto onboarding problem by rewarding users with free crypto when they do daily shopping activities through our mobile apps. The more shopping you do, the more crypto you earn!

We are partnering with more than 600 famous local and global brands, and the list is growing. Besides traditional brands, we also aim to partner with many crypto projects to educate our users and guide them through other appealing activities in the crypto market.

We are happy to have you with us on the mission to bring crypto to billions of people.

An exciting time is ahead. Stay tuned for coming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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