ShopNEXT partners Binance Pay to launch shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform

Users earn and enjoy crypto cashback by shopping.

ShopNEXT has partnered Binance Pay to launch the first shop-to-earn cryptocurrency onboarding platform. The intuitive platform can help encourage wider crypto adoption by giving users easy access to a crypto wallet and rewarding them for shopping.

How does ShopNEXT work?

ShopNEXT is an affiliate marketer that connects users and merchants. Users simply open the ShopNEXT app to select and shop from their favorite brands.

Merchant partners pay ShopNEXT a sale commission, which is shared with users in the form of a cashback. The cashback can be withdrawn and converted into popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Binance USD or USDT stablecoins. Moreover, for every $0.1 in cashback you receive for shopping, ShopNEXT will reward you an 1 extra NEXT (the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT), which can be sold to make money. That’s how shop-to-earn works.

Introducing eCommerce users to crypto with the Binance Pay wallet

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. The popular crypto wallet is integrated into the ShopNEXT ecosystem, allowing users to easily withdraw and convert their cashback into cryptocurrencies.

With Binance Pay, users can send crypto to their friends instantly and for free, pay with crypto on partnered merchants of Binance Pay, and convert to fiat currency using Binance P2P.

ShopNEXT users can also use their Binance Pay wallet on the Binance ecosystem to access more services.

Mr. Linh Le, ShopNEXT CEO, shared his view on the partnership with Binance Pay:

“We are looking carefully for the best crypto payment option on the market, which offers safe, free, and instant micro-transactions for our users. The integration of the Binance Pay wallet is a perfect puzzle piece to our ecosystem. We expect our users will enjoy the fun of shopping at ShopNEXT partners and exploring crypto on the Binance ecosystem.”

Mr. Benn Moore, Product Marketing Lead of Binance Pay, also commented:

“There are a lot of people who are really interested in owning cryptocurrency but still don’t know the best path to take. ShopNEXT removes this barrier for the everyday shopper and offers a unique and direct path into crypto ownership through day to day spending. Binance Pay welcomes this fantastic partnership and looks forward to opening its doors to new cryptocurrency owners.”

Adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is growing around the world. Making ownership of crypto easy and inclusive for everyone will help accelerate the growth. ShopNEXT is building a bridge between eCommerce and crypto with a creative shop-to-earn cashback model. With the support of a strategic partner like Binance Pay, ShopNEXT is empowered to open the door of crypto to billions of shoppers around the world.

About ShopNEXT:

ShopNEXT is a shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform supported by Binance Pay and Binance Smart Chain. The platform rewards users with free crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, BUSD and USDT) when shopping at ShopNEXT partners. It is the EASIEST and SAFEST way for anyone new to crypto to onboard.

ShopNEXT is backed by Shopiness, the top cashback platform in VietNam. Shopiness currently has 700.000 users and 100.000 MAU, who generate $4M GMV from 1M transactions monthly. ShopNEXT has already partnered with more than 600 local and global merchant brands such as: Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Apple, Adidas, etc.

For more news and latest updates, please visit ShopNEXT website or feel free to join ShopNEXT communities on Telegram and Twitter.

About Binance Pay:

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure user-to-user cryptocurrency payment feature on the Binance App with more than 40 cryptocurrencies supported. Binance Pay allows users to pay, send and receive crypto payments around the world without incurring any fees. Binance Pay also allows merchant-based transactions, letting users and merchants choose their preferred payment options.

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