ShopNEXT Monthly Community Report – Dec 2021

Hey MOONers, 

We heard someone say that one month in crypto is as long as at least 6 months in real life, now we have experienced it. The last 30 days were full of activities and news. Even though some things could have been done better, looking back, the whole team is happy with our accomplishment.

Product development 

On 26 Nov, ShopNEXT released the mobile app on both Apple Store and Google Play which allows users to shop at more than 600 partner merchants and earn cashback and NEXT. Within 2 weeks since the launch, our mobile apps have been downloaded 35,000 times from people in 73 countries and territories. The total transaction value in that period is about $800,000. Such an impressive statistic for an early-stage Dapp, especially still in beta. Recently, we have released the mobile app version 1.2.0 which includes some new features and also fixed some minor bugs. ShopNEXT will always listen to community feedback and update the mobile app regularly to add in new features and improve the user experience.

Token performance

NEXT was listed on both and PancakeSwap on 2nd Dec 2021. Thanks to the huge support from the community, our trading volume on the first day of listing was top on exchange and crossed 25M trading volume. Our listing price was $0.015 and we reached ATH on 3rd Dec at $0.41, ~27x. However, market sentiment hit us badly and we cannot maintain the upward momentum. Low cap coins like NEXT are normally sensitive to huge market fluctuation. Bitcoin price dropped from 3rd of December and NEXT price cannot recover since then. But the market sentiment is not the only reason that affects our token performance. As you all know, market making is a crucial part of the game. To make sure we have enough liquidity and reasonable slippage, we have onboard one team to take care of that service. Unfortunately, their performance is not what we expected and this hurts our project and token performance as well. Soon after we released the situation, ShopNEXT started to fix it immediately and onboard the new market-making team to improve our liquidity. Hopefully, things are getting better from now on.


ShopNEXT is constantly looking for quality partners in both the crypto and traditional world. On 8th Dec, we announced a strategic partnership with Accesstrade, the largest publisher network in Vietnam. The onboarding of more than 1,500,000 publishers will help to expand the awareness of ShopNEXT to every corner of the country. Right now, the team is building the integration system with Accesstrade. Once the integration is completed we can expect a huge flow of new users to ShopNEXT. Besides Accesstrade, ShopNEXT also partners with NFTrade to open the gateway to Metaverse. ShopNEXT is the first to introduce the Shop-To-Earn model in eCommerce and will also be the first to launch it in the Metaverse. The wide range of Metaverse project partnerships will come in 2022, stay tuned for the coming announcements.  

Community growth

Our first community airdrop was completed very successfully. We have received submissions from many participants around the world. The majority are from Vietnam, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine, Japan. Congratulations to the lucky winners and we will have more campaigns for you in the future. Our community has grown tremendously within a month. We now have ShopNEXT communities in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, and China. We have also launched a new Facebook group for shoppers in Vietnam to share shopping tips with ShopNEXT. There will be more communities coming in the future when ShopNEXT expands to other markets. 

On 17th December, we released the MOON feature and now welcome about 200 people on the MOON. Simply locking 3844 NEXT in your wallet, you will become ShopNEXT VIP users with very generous cashback and NEXT rewards. We are very glad to see how the Shop-To-Earn model works in real life; our early MOONer is earning tremendously during their daily shopping. Very soon, we will distribute a special gift for the first MOONer and also launch the MOONers of The Month (MOTM) campaign. Our MOONers will definitely love this campaign with big pools of reward.


What to expect next month?

Jan 2022 is the last month of Lunar Year 2021, the biggest holiday in Vietnam and other Asia countries. ShopNEXT will issue a very special campaign for Tet Holiday in the Vietnam market. All of ShopNEXT’s partners & community in eCommerce and crypto will together promote this campaign to the Vietnam community. Expecting many exciting campaigns and news to come in the next month.

You may have known that ShopNEXT was developed on the foundation of Shopiness, the top deal and cashback platform in Vietnam with 700,000 users and 100,000 monthly active users. We have planned to gradually move Shopiness users to ShopNEXT and this moment has come. Starting from 1/1/2022, Shopiness users are not allowed to make new orders using the Shopiness app. They will be asked to upgrade to the ShopNEXT app, which is offering more cashback and rewards. Within a few months, we can expect the number of ShopNEXT users will grow exponentially.

We are so excited about the coming news and can’t wait to share with you more. Today is the last day of 2021, the ShopNEXT team would like to take this moment to thank all community members who always support and believe in our vision. 2022 will be a very special year for all of us with many milestones to achieve. We wish our community a happy and prosperous $NEXT year!

An exciting time is ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

ShopNEXT Team.

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